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Air Conditioner Repair in Charleston, SC

Summers in Charleston can be sticky, hot, and miserable—unless you have a functional cooling system! At Southern Air Solutions, our HVAC company has serviced the Charleston area for over 50 years and provides quality air conditioner repairs, including emergency 24/7 AC repair services.

Has your air conditioner broken down, or is it not running as well as it should? Our HVAC contractors have seen it all and can help you save money with repair services that target your system’s energy-efficiency and operating capacity. Our goal is to provide AC repair services you can rely on to improve your comfort and extend the working life of your cooling system.

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Charleston Air Conditioner Repair Services

At Southern Air Solutions, our HVAC contractors can guide you through the value of scheduling timely AC repair services. Oftentimes the sooner you schedule air conditioner repairs for issues you have concerns about, the sooner we can restore your cooling system to its proper functionality and prevent more costly repairs from occurring.
Below are some of the most popular reasons to schedule AC repair services:

  • Prevent costly damages to the air conditioner system
  • Drive down unusually high monthly energy bills
  • Preserve or restore your air conditioner’s energy-efficiency
  • Preserve the working lifespan of your AC unit
  • Prevent the need for premature AC replacement

It’s easy to think your air conditioner may just be getting old or to lose track of what your monthly energy bills should look like. However, if you notice that your air conditioner isn’t standing up to your expectations, give us a call! Whether you need a simple AC maintenance tune-up or something more involved, our air conditioning repair professionals can help.

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Common AC Repair Needs

If you aren’t sure if you need AC repair, maintenance, or emergency air conditioning repair services, below are a few signs to look out for that typically warrant repairs:

  • AC Refrigerant Leaks – If your AC system is leaking refrigerant, the effects can be terrible for the environment and just as bad for your HVAC unit. If you have a leak, out HVAC contractors will address the damage, test the repair, and recharge your AC unit with the appropriate amount of refrigerant.
  • AC Damage – If your air conditioner hasn’t received maintenance for some time, it may have accumulated damages that will need to be repaired. Signs of potential damage include dirty air conditioner coils, clogged air filters, or a damaged or broken compressor.
  • Broken AC Thermostat – If your air conditioner isn’t working properly or is cycling constantly due to a broken thermostat or faulty sensors, our HVAC contractors in Charleston can repair or replace your thermostat to restore the system to its proper use.
  • Hardware Troubleshooting – Other common AC repair issues include problems with the air conditioner’s drainage, evaporator coils, compressor, or condenser coils. Another factor, age, will also affect your chances of needing repairs!

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24/7 Emergency AC Repairs in Charleston

When temperatures rise in Charleston and homeowners begin using their air conditioners more often, this is the time when we see the most air conditioner breakdowns and get the most calls for emergency AC repairs.

Rest assured, if your air conditioner breaks down our HVAC contractors in Charleston can help. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency air conditioner repairs for your utmost convenience.

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Southern Air Solutions AC Repair Services

Beat the heat this summer with air conditioning repair services you can trust. At Southern Air Solutions, our HVAC company is based in Johns Island, South Carolina, with services that span across the Charleston area. Whether you’d like to have your air conditioner inspected or you require emergency air conditioner repair services, we’re just a phone call away to deliver quality HVAC services.

Contact Southern Air Solutions or call us at 843-559-0999 for AC repair services today.

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