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Ductless HVAC Services in Charleston

Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning

For homes or businesses where it may be difficult to run HVAC ductwork, a ductless heating and cooling system is a great alternative to traditional options. If you own a ductless HVAC system or hope to install one for your home or business, our technicians in Charleston can help!

At Southern Air Solutions, we provide ductless HVAC repair, maintenance, or installation services throughout the Charleston area. When it comes time to replace your HVAC system, we can handle the installation of your mini- or multi-split system and tailor it uniquely to your home.

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Why Choose Ductless HVAC Installation Services?

At Southern Air Solutions, our HVAC contractors can walk you through what to expect when installing a ductless heating or air conditioning system. This system may be right for you if:

  • Ductwork isn’t suitable for your home or business
  • You wish to add additional heating or cooling to specific rooms
  • You wish to heat or cool only specific rooms within a space
  • You wish to upgrade your HVAC system and save space in the process

Ductless heating and air conditioning systems are popular in older homes, where it may be difficult to install, move, or replace ductwork. You may also opt to install a ductless system if you are building new construction or would like to depend on a more modern heating and cooling system.

Do you have questions about ductless air conditioning or heating for your home or business in Charleston, SC? Call 843-559-0999 or contact us today!

Benefits of Ductless HVAC Systems

Ductless HVAC systems, also known as split systems, multi-split systems, or split-ductless systems work by supplying heated or cooled air directly into a space—without relying on extensive ductwork to do it. Because air doesn’t have to travel through ducts, this option can both save you room and maximize your energy efficiency.

The following are several benefits of installing a ductless HVAC system:

  • Saves space – Ductless heating and air conditioning units rely on a small series of one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units, which replaces the clutter of bulky ductwork.
  • Save energy – By heating and cooling only specific rooms at a time, you will save more on your monthly energy bills.
  • Easy to install – Ductless HVACs can be installed in as little time as a day and require little modifications to the wall or building.

Ductless HVAC Repair, Maintenance & Installation

Do you own a ductless HVAC system? At Southern Air Solutions, we provide routine, preventative maintenance services to keep your system working smoothly year-round. We also offer repair, replacement, and emergency services!

If you’re thinking about going ductless for your residential or commercial property, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with us to go over your options! At Southern Air Solutions, our family owned HVAC company offers professional ductless HVAC services to help you and the people you care about feel comfortable indoors all year round.

Contact Southern Air Solutions for all of your ductless HVAC needs in the Charleston area when you call 843-559-0999 or contact us today!

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